Monday, June 21, 2010

Sangre, Sudor y Papeles: Artists examine the immigration issue

Sangre, Sudor y Papeles: Artists examine the immigration issue
Saul Aguirre
Adriana Baltazar
Miguel Cortez
Salvador Jiménez-Flores
Jaime Mendoza
Jenny Priego
Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa

Also this month's Project Wall Space: Yong Choi

Opening Friday June 25th from 6pm-10pm

June 25 - July 24
, 2010

Saul Aguirre is a Chicago Based artist born in Mexico City. He has been considered a standout at NEXT 2010 CHicago by PEDRO VÉLEZ who is an artist and critic living in Chicago. Saul used real manacles, to remind people of the reality of being picked up by the police during a live spectacle, and captivated people with his small drawings. Saul has been exhibiting Nationally and Internationally, in several Museums and Galleries since 1990.

Adriana Baltazar is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Chicago. She has worked in various collaborative projects as well as shown work in galleries throughout the city. She draws her inspiration from the conflicts and comprimises that arise in our relationships with the "other" and our love/hate relationship with the natural environment. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Art Institute.

Miguel Cortez is an artist living in Chicago and born in Guanajuato, Mexico. He has studied at Columbia College and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Future shows in 2010 include an exhibit at Gallery 414 in Fort Worth, Other exhibitions include shows in Champaign, IL at the Krannert Museum and at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, as well as, in Bridge Art Fair in Miami. Other shows included exhibits in Dallas at Mighty Fine Arts Gallery, “Lo Romantico” at Glass Curtain Gallery and “Lies that Bill Gates told me: Exploring the Digital Divide” at VU Space in Melbourne, Australia.

Salvador Jiménez-Flores was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico where he lived until 2000. Since coming to the United States, Salvador has participated and contributed to the Chicago art scene. His work has been included in various solo and group exhibitions in venues such as The National Museum of Mexican Art, The State Street Gallery, Aurora City Hall, Koehnline Museum of Art, Beverly Art Center, and Casa de la Cultura, Jalisco, M√©xico. in addition, his public art created with youth from the Pilsen, Lawdale, and La Villita communities such as ‚Äúthe Revival of the Struggle‚Äù at the Rauner Family YMCA, ‚ÄúAlternative Remedy‚Äù at Saint Antony Hospital, and the "Declaration of Immigration" at Yollocalli & Radioarte building. Salvador‚Äôs work is also in the State Street Gallery collection (over 30 pieces of work) and other private collections. Salvador is currently graphic designer at CCDA and art teacher at Yollocalli Art Reach.

Jaime Mendoza: Concerned largely with issues of immigration, ethnicity and place; Mendoza works in a wide range of media—activist inspired public art, sculpture, film, sound, and photography — all of which fuse the politics of contemporary urban culture with poetic meditations on aesthetics, history, and identity. Most recently Mendoza was awarded a grant from the National Performance Network/Visual Arts Network to participate in a one week residency at Galería De La Raza in San Francisco, California.

Jenny Priego is visual and performance artist who draws inspiration from her existence as a feminine being and random beauty. She uses several forms of media to interpret her self exploration, such as technology, her body, voice, and formal fine art technique. Her latest and ongoing project is "Adelita Pata de Perro" a photographic memoir of Adelita, a character that was inspired by the women who fought in the Mexican Revolution. Priego's Adelita is a hyper-ethnic woman wandering the world on an ever changing journey, and on her voyage of discovery she encounters symbols of power, femininity, sex, and cultural imagery. She finds herself in different situations and places that take her from Paris, to Rome and sugar cane mills in Mexico. Priego studied at Columbia College and currently works as a Stewardess. Jenny lives and works in Chicago.

Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa is a multi-disciplinary artist, educator and administrator, active for the past fifteen years. Completed a B.A. in Fine Art from Trinity Christian College in 1992 and earned an M.A in Inter Disciplinary Arts at Columbia College (2005). As an administrator and an artist, she has collaborated in the creation and maintenance of many non profit organizations in Pilsen. Among them are Taller Mestizarte (Mixed Art Workshop) where she served as President in 1998, organizer for La Voz de Los de Abajo, and a board member for Calles y Sueños. Elvia has also contributed to other existing organizations such as the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Fiesta del Sol/ Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Marshall Square Boys and Girls Club, and Gallery 37 as an educator and an artist. Elvia is the Director of Community Programs at Pros Arts.

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